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Analysts investigation elephants’ one of kind interactions with their dead

Stories of one of a kind and aware interactions between elephants and their dead are a familiar part of the species’ legend, however, a thorough investigation of these collaborations has been missing—as of recently. A recent audit of documented field perceptions of elephants at carcasses uncovers examples of elephants’ conduct toward their dead, paying little mind to the quality of previous relationships with the expired person. The discoveries, published in the journal Primates, show that elephants display a generalized interest in their dead, considerably after bodies have since quite a…

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Italian Multi-talented Celebrity Lord Conrad Showed No Inhibitions in a New Photoshoot as He Went Shirtless

Lord Conrad aka Corrado Garibaldi keeps sharing hot pictures in the sexy outfit on his Facebook and Instagram account, but it was this latest shooting that raised mercury levels exponentially. He is not new to posing for hot pictures, but his latest photo exceeds the hotness quotient even by his bold standards. Lord Conrad is looking fierce in this hot as hell picture leaving little to the imagination of the drooling viewers. The hot social media star was earlier in the news this year when his new music single “Touch…

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