All News Will Continue to Stay Ahead of the Game, says Co-Founder Alex Jennings

From the very start, was ahead of its time. After all, who had heard of a social influencer in 2015? Alex Jennings had and he had the belief and the foresight to launch a PR agency that specialises in influencer marketing…and over 150 clients are happy that he did. You don’t spend 15 years in any industry without 1) being an expert in your field and 2) having your finger on the pulse of what is happening and that is exactly what Jennings has done. The rise of the…

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All News 

Max Josef Weiss: Leading Digital Marketing expert tells Video Marketing to give you more leads

Who is: Max Josef Weiss Founder of Weiss Consulting & Marketing company who helps businesses achieve their desired goals and help them grow for the long term. Digital marketing in the starting was all about building a website for a company, give social media ads and try to come first in the search engine. With changing, algorithms Experts like Max Weiss become more digitally savvy, and they started to give good content. Nowadays people block all the ads and all when they visit a website for good user experience so…

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