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Chinese company launches the cheapest Electric Vehicle globally

With the world going fully electric in terms of Transportation in a few years, It is just a small amount of time before we get cheap affordable electric cars for the General Public. Having this in mind, GWM recently produced its 300-kilometer range Electric vehicle that is by far the cheapest we’ve ever seen. GWM, standing for Great Wall Motors, a Chinese based tech company turned automotive maker, Is one of the latest automakers to take a stab at the electronic vehicle market. 

However, Contrary to accessible Entry by counterparts like Tesla and Rivian, GWM seeks to take advantage of lower-middle to budgets level of consumers and provide electric vehicles. The release named the R1 concept hatch came to premiere at the Vision 2025 motor show in Tokyo. During the show, GWM launched the R1 on its Vision 2025 preview stands as the cheapest electric vehicle ever made. 

The R1 concept is set to come to production first in China. As an Ora R1 brand vehicle, This electric vehicle has a 28.5kWh battery on the base model or comes with a 33kWh expandable battery pack and is stated to be capable of producing 125-newton meters of torque from the double motor system. The R1 is theoretically capable of covering 300km driving range on a single charge, and also comes with a fast charger capable of charging up to 80% in just forty minutes of charging. Despite the company’s claims this figure is yet to be confirmed

Interior wise the R1 features a somewhat constant state of the art system across all available trims and includes a 9inch touchscreen infotainment system, a rear placed reverse camera, Hill Start Assist feature, a newly integrated tire pressure monitoring system, in-car connectivity features including Apple Airplay, and Android Connect, Bluetooth connectivity and a rich four-speaker audio system. 

The R1 also comes with standard feature regenerative braking capability. The firm hopes to make it’s brand a household name, especially with its low tier price range. The company expects the vehicle to make a significant breakthrough in Indian markets owing to affordable prices. Though India already has an influx of electric cars. 

As a new product in the market, GWM knows that it has first to set a name for its release, namely the Haval. The Haval has the privilege to be the first in the GWM product line up and might just be a classic one day. 

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