Concern for tesla as their autopilot repeatedly causes accidents

Tesla is on the spotlight after its autopilot car makes yet another gruesome accidents. The national transport and safety board is launching an inquiry into Teslas autopilot car. This make has been attributed to a record of dangerous accidents that they have been involved in over time. Tesla is very reluctant to address the problem that has been an issue of concern for the public.

Earlier on, the agency called on five other manufacturers, tesla included to deliberate on such an issue. They were advised to look into options that would cut on the preferences or features that their autopilot programs used. Such a measure would cut on the possibility of causing accidents. Limiting the features involved will be an instrumental thing if the manufacturers are concerned on safety. Tesla is to blame for the issue as they remain reluctant to solve the problem.

It is expected of them to address the issue through the education of their drivers adequately. Details are supposed to be availed to users of this feature on the things that the autopilot can manage and those that it cannot. Findings from the NTSB show that the federal government has a huge role that it must actively handle n regulating the technologies that these car manufacturers create. 

The automation of driving has been criticized as many fear the consequences that follow on the failing of this feature. One leading example is where the Tesla’s model X in 2017 hit a barrier in California while traveling at high speed. From the accident, the driver died from serious accidents, which raised an issue on the safety of this feature.  The report of that crash triggered massive investigations on the subject to find the cause of the crash.

Findings from the investigation indicated that the company did not have sufficient measures to counter emergencies. It was also discovered that tesla failed to give clear boundaries on the level of control that the driver has while the car is in autopilot to respond to emergencies.  Tesla failed to respond to these claims and continues to make the same models. A lot of problems are said to be seen in Teslas related to speed and respond to emergencies. 

Action is needed to cut on the accidents through the use of software that is engaging and which cannot be tricked or confused. Drivers need concentration, and the systems must also be intelligent enough to prevent the occurrence of such accidents.

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