Donald Trump flaunts Space Force, moon and the Red Planet strategies in State of the Union address

Space discovery received a couple of shout outs in the speech of President Donald Trump at the State of the Union address on Tuesday night of 4 February.

During the almost 80 minute address, Donald Trump flaunted the recent Space Force establishment, the initial new united states of America military branch for a stand up because of the Air Force in the year 1947 as among the key accomplishment of his administration, this far.

One of the special guests of the president for the State of the Union, which is held annually in the House of Representatives chamber of the United States of America Capitol building, was a child having Space Force ideas.

Trump stated that they had a young gentleman in the gallery that night. He added that what the young man wanted so badly is going to space. The young lad aged 13 topped in his class and was among the youngest in the aviation academy. He aspires to join the Air Force Academy and has his eyes on the Space Force. As Lain stated, many people look up to view the space; he wants to look down to see the world.

The current American president Donald Trump also referred to the Artemis program of NASA of crewed moon exploration. Artemis program targets at ferrying astronauts on the moon surface by ten the year 2024 and make use of the moon as a training ground for crewed projects to the Red Planet in the years of 2030.

NASA initially aimed 2028 for the human moon landing that will be the first-ever since the mission of Apollo 17 back in the year 1972, however, Vice-President Mike Pence declared a quickened timeline in March of the previous year. In March, the House Science Committee brought an appropriations budget that could re-aim 2028 for the moon landing. Nevertheless, that budget has a long way to go before getting enacted to be a law.

Trump stated during his previous night speech that in reaffirming the American heritage as a free country, they must keep in mind that the United States of America has always been on the front line country, and they must embrace the subsequent frontier. He added that he is requesting the Congress to fully finance the Artemis program to guarantee that the next astronaut on the lunar surface will be from America.

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