All News Will Continue to Stay Ahead of the Game, says Co-Founder Alex Jennings

From the very start, was ahead of its time. After all, who had heard of a social influencer in 2015? Alex Jennings had and he had the belief and the foresight to launch a PR agency that specialises in influencer marketing…and over 150 clients are happy that he did.

You don’t spend 15 years in any industry without 1) being an expert in your field and 2) having your finger on the pulse of what is happening and that is exactly what Jennings has done. The rise of the influencer was just getting started but wouldn’t really become the juggernaut it is today until around 2017/2018, giving at least two years to perfect their strategy and build relationships with some of the most important personalities across social media.

Having struck gold once, Jennings, however, refuses to rest on his laurels and promises that the agency will continue to monitor the latest industry trends to improve and increase its offering to their clients.

Q Your initial success since launching in 2015 has been nothing short of outstanding, did you expect to achieve what you have in such a short time?

Alex Jennings: “Five years is, in terms of the digital marketing landscape, an incredibly long time. During the time, countless businesses have launched and folded.

“The world is unrecognisable from what it was in 2015, so to answer your question I wouldn’t regard us to be a ‘young’ startup. I always believed that we could get to where we currently are in the marketplace and I expect us to continue to grow in the coming years.”

Q When did you first realise that influencer marketing was going to be the future?

AJ: “It wasn’t too much after the rise of social media as it was a natural progression. Once brands moved into social channels such as Facebook and Twitter, platforms ultimately designed for users to engage and interact, users would become frustrated when they cannot relate to businesses.

“The reason they find it hard to relate is that businesses simply are not people…usually, there is not a face that can be related to whereas, with a social influencer, users are engaging with someone that is just like them.

“Once you understand the psychology of the consumer, the science of where the market is headed is relatively simple.”

Q How do you work with social influencers?

AJ: “We work with social influencers in exactly the same way as we do any other brand and/or publication. Our team works to establish a mutually beneficial relationship – usually along the lines of ‘we will supply you with content if you give us a placement’ – that we can utilise, again and again, depending on the client we are working for.

“It is this approach that has allowed us to establish a relationship with more than 200 publishers around the world.”

Q What is the outlook for the future at

AJ: “To continue to stay ahead of the game by monitoring the latest trends not only in the industry in which we operate but all of those that our clients operate.

“Our team are always researching and trialling new strategies that we can roll out and offer to our clients. We are not afraid to try new things, which is important as a PR agency with the ambitions that we have.”


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