Here are steps to follow to stream your Xbox One to your Android phone or Tablet

Here are steps to follow to stream your Xbox One to your Android phone or Tablet

Xbox One proprietors would now be able to stream games from their consoles to their Android cell phones and tablets. PC and PlayStation players have had comparative streaming alternatives accessible for some time now at the same time, until today, Microsoft limited Xbox One streaming to Windows PCs.

Support for Android gadgets is an obvious step towards Microsoft’s cloud-streaming plans for the next console generation, yet until further notice, streaming to your phone is still in final testing. Thus, you may encounter fickle performance and more latency than anticipated during your in-home game-streaming endeavors.

Potential hiccups aside, clients ought to have the option to begin streaming to their Android gadget once they’ve satisfied the following technical requirements:

  • To stream from Xbox One to Android, you’ll need
  • A Microsoft account with an active Xbox Live subscription that is additionally tried out the Xbox Insider program.
  • An Xbox One tried out the Xbox One Update Preview.
  • An Android phone or tablet with at least Android 6.0 and Bluetooth 4.0 abilities.
  • A Bluetooth-enabled wireless Xbox One Controller to match with your phone or tablet.
  • To set your Xbox One’s power settings to “Instant-on”
  • A decent home wifi setup. Your home network must have at least 4.75 Mbps upstream bandwidth (however Microsoft prescribes 9 Mbps) and 125 ms or less network latency. (Sit nearer to your wireless router in case you’re encountering hiccups.)

On the off chance that you away from the list of necessities, here’s how to begin streaming:

  • Download the Xbox Game Streaming application from the Google Play Store.
  • When you’ve installed it, open the application and follow the setup guide to begin.
  • Remember to match your Bluetooth-enabled controller to your phone or tablet!
  • In the case of anything needs work, the application will tell you. Microsoft’s official streaming program post on Reddit has guides and other supplemental materials should you run into any issues.

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