Impeller Humidifier Market Analysis Key Players, Share Dynamic Demand and Consumption By 2019 to 2029

Air humidifier has been adopted widely as a result of rising awareness among people about the ill effects of dry air. Incidence of sinusitis, asthma, and other allergies is increasing mainly due to dry air. Low humidity in air also makes the breathing process laborious. As a consequence, lung secretions occur in infants. These factors, further, are fuelling the adoption rate of humidifiers globally. The adoption rate of humidifiers increases substantially in winter months.Impeller humidifiers help users regulate specific amount of humidity in the surrounding air. The humidifier consists of a rotating disc. It flings water at a comb-like diffuser, which later, infuses water in the air. The droplet usually appears in the form of cool fog droplets leaving the humidifier.

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Concerns Pertaining to Dry Air Driving Adoption Rate of Impeller Humidifier

The humidifier helps add moisture to air, thereby preventing dryness in throat, nose, skin, dry cough, irritated vocal cord, nose, and cracked lips.

As the Unites States Department of Labor, there is a strict and standard set of rules and regulations stating level of humidity and temperature in the industrial workspace. This helps in preventing dryness in air, thus mitigating the risk of related diseases. Right amount of humidity level in the air prevents fatigue and provides healthy work environment to the labours.

Further, these rules are also adhered in other countries after modification to maintain suitable temperature and atmosphere in the workplace. Impeller humidifier market provides the provision of use in both residential and commercial sectors. The factor plays a significant role in the expansion of global impeller humidifier market. Cost effectiveness and low-energy utilization are key factors fuelling demand for impeller humidifiers. Child friendly, less coverage area, and easy- to-use are some of the major factors propelling the demand for impeller humidifiers. As a result, global impeller market is likely to witness lucrative growth in coming years.

In addition, deteriorating climatic conditions and air quality are major factors entailing people to use impeller humidifier at home.

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Impeller Humidifier Needs Proper Maintenance Periodically

However, the design uses water to humidify air. And if water gets stagnant, it will spray the same water. This increases the risk of bacteria spray in the home, thus, increasing the chances of allergy and other infections. This is anticipated to be a major restraining factor for the expansion of impeller humidifier market.

To avoid risk of infection, the users must clean the tank and refill clean water on regular basis. Various manufacturing companies have addressed the concerns and have been bringing innovation in the product. Integration of high-end ultrasonic units is an upgradation. It acts as built in antibacterial feature for the humidifier.

Further, mineral content in the water is another concern of impeller humidifier. If the water used in the humidifier contains mineral, it will be sprayed in the air. Later, it will get accumulate in the room as dust. Though, the minerals do not pose threat to the health, environmental protection agency recommends use of distilled water or low-mineral content water in the humidifier. This feature may entail customers to switch to other humidifier model, thus, limiting the growth of impeller humidifier market in the coming years.
Manufacturers are trying to integrate demineralization cartridge in the model. This will help in filtering minerals present in water, thus, preventing dust in air.

Some of the leading companies of impeller humidifier market are Condair Group, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., Carel INDUSTRIES S.p.A., Armstrong International Inc., United Technologies Corp., Honeywell International Inc., Skuttle Indoor Air Quality Products, Coway Co. Ltd., Munters, and Koninklijke Philips N.V.

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