Interactive Media to disrupt PR tech industry – Stankevicius Company Review

Interactive Media to disrupt PR tech industry – Stankevicius Company Review

PR industry has not been innovated enough from tech perspective. Regular press releases do not provide unique advantages for companies and keep limited reach towards premiere media. Companies constantly using PR Newswire and Business Wire are not gaining enough reach on respected media channels as typical press release distributions usually land publications in a low traffic site with no Google Index or Google News.

Public companies on the other hand do benefit from regular press releases because media is obligated to report news and publish press releases from publicly listed company. However, for private businesses it’s another story. Private companies experience enormous difficulties to get media attention and coverage.

So how can private companies such as small startups and SMEs get editorial media coverage and not just simple press release publications?

Interactive Media concept developed by Stankevicius MGM enables companies to get editorial media publications on worldwide online media. Stankevicius MGM is launching a media platform which publishes articles and not only press releases. As a matter of fact, startups and SMEs are able to get editorial media coverage including full featured articles and even interviews. Stankevicius MGM has collected a large number of global media and put together into one platform. The media include sites from small and medium to large and leading online magazines.

Companies can select categories by industry and region to find the media they like. Companies pay per publication and companies can also select special publication format whether its an article, interview or even a press release. Companies always pay for the things that they select and see. There are no hidden fees or terms.

Comparison to regular press release distribution by PR Newswire vs Stankevicius Interactive Media

Using traditional press release distribution client only sees the distribution list but there is no guarantee where the press release will be published. Client is also obligated to pay in advance without seeing the result or knowing which media the press release will land on.

On the other hand, Stankevicius Interactive Media provides a media list with a filter enabling clients to select the exact media which is interesting and needed. Each media from the list is guaranteed to get a publication. This is an interactive media concept where companies can interact with media directly and publish editorial content directly.

Stankevicius MGM is releasing the platform beta in Q4 this year. Visit to learn more.

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