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Max Josef Weiss: Leading Digital Marketing expert tells Video Marketing to give you more leads

Who is: Max Josef Weiss

Founder of Weiss Consulting & Marketing company who helps businesses achieve their desired goals and help them grow for the long term.

Digital marketing in the starting was all about building a website for a company, give social media ads and try to come first in the search engine.

With changing, algorithms Experts like Max Weiss become more digitally savvy, and they started to give good content.

Nowadays people block all the ads and all when they visit a website for good user experience so giving ads is not that much useful like it was in the starting.

Now in today’s time, if you want to grow your brand, you need to market it right by using new ways. From 2018 google started to give importance to content marketing.

Leaders like Max Weiss started using reference links and other tactics reviews, faqs and blogging in the sites which add more and more valuable keywords to the website.

Max Weiss recently told in one interview content is king, and it is an essential part for website and business growth.

Again algorithm changing and from content to video marketing, we are going towards video marketing from six months. People now want videos and success of Youtube is proof. More than 300million hours of videos are watched each day on Youtube.

According to Max Weiss, creating video content is a way that keeps their audiences coming back for more. You can add titles if you don’t want to give sound to your video. More than 70% of Facebook videos are now coming without sound.

Max Weiss feels adding video to the website can also give you good leads. No marketer today can avoid the fact that video marketing is today’s need. So start putting videos on the site and pages to gain good leads. You will surely get an excellent response to your brand.

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