Michelangelo Azzariti, the interview: “I bring with me a piece of every country I visit”

Michelangelo Azzariti, the interview: “I bring with me a piece of every country I visit”

Michelangelo Azzariti, the well-known travel blogger, tells his story in an interview: he transformed his passion for travel into a job, without ever losing his enthusiasm for what he does. Michelangelo Azzariti has managed to reconcile a strong passion for travel, writing and photos and is among the most popular Italian traveler bloggers.

Michelangelo Azzariti who is…

Since 2013 the life of Michelangelo Azzariti has changed, the major newspapers have started talking about him and so the first collaborations with tourism agencies, hotels and with big brands began. A boy who with passion, simplicity and contagious happiness has managed to transform his interests into a job becoming a point of reference in the world of travel blogging.

Who is a travel blogger?

A travel blogger is a content creator: a creator of travel content that brings its audience, virtually, with them on social media and in the blog. For me, this work has become a real mission: to travel from home and inspire for the next trip.

What do you use to take your photos? Camera or smartphone?

Both. Usually, when I travel, I always have a camera with me. For quick photos to share in the stories, however, I prefer to use the phone. For sea or “dynamic” trips I also use the drone to make breathtaking and viral shots.

What work is behind a photo?

Much more than you might think. Behind a shot there is the creation of a special moment to photograph and tell. Often they do a lot before they manage to get the right one. After selecting the best shot to publish, we move on to the editing phase, I use professional software: lightroom.

Your place of you heart is …

Kenya. it was a crazy journey immersed in poverty. And then Egypt, which I fell in love with from the first moment. And of course Puglia, my beautiful region.

Your future plans?

I have so many plans in my mind. I’d like to collaborate more and more with tourism bodies to promote the local traditions of each place.

And then I would like to go to Australia, one of the countries, despite the difficulties it is experiencing today after the numerous fires that are devastating it, which fascinates me a lot.

Thanks Michelangelo for the time you have dedicated to us and good luck for the future.

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