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Most prominent Electric Vehicle Charging Spots Opened in Pasadena, US

This week in Pasadena, California, the largest EV rapid charge station in the country has been opened. The new station consists of 24 superchargers of Tesla and 20 fast chargers of Tritium’s DC. We have been told about our new stations by Dennis Pascual, a friend of CleanTechnica and the EV expert plus consultant who broke out the news on LinkedIn.

The new Marengo Charging Plaza provides customers with a free charging opportunity to celebrate its opening. However, in a few coming weeks or months, it will undoubtedly change as it transforms into regular operations. Parking on the site costs money, but this is typical of the Pasadena downtown area, and the price levels are reasonable.

Plugshare reports the 20 new charging devices to have both CCS / SAE and CHAdeMO adapters with both driving out power energy at a 50 kW voltage rate. The Tritium Veefil RT units, controlled by Pasadena Water & Power, are the new DC Fast Charge points. The supercharging stations in Tesla are urban superchargers, across the lot, and are capable of an unlimited, dedicated charge speed of 72kW.

A vital indicator of the adoption of EV is constructing a station of such capacity in an urban car park. The framework is reminiscent of the charging station, which is a 102 stall level 2 EV that we have seen in Norway, but with a full-blown charge level 3. The new stations of Tesla and Tritium provide shoppers with the option to top-up while enjoying one of the several restaurants and retail outlets in the area nearby.

This new installation resulted from an accord between Tesla and the town of Pasadena, which saw Tesla pay to install the wiring and infrastructure for the additional 20 DC fast charge stations to enable it to establish its twenty-four supercharge stations.

The new location came about as a result of a contract between Tesla and Pasadena City. That agreement gave birth to  Tesla paying to set up the cabling and infrastructure to help the additional 20 DC fast-charging stations so that it could install its 24 Supercharging stations. The agreement was the first such of its kind for Tesla, and now it is operational, rendering the station the country’s most extensive high-speed electric vehicle charging point. The 44 new sites in Pasadena, both of which hold 40 Tesla supercharging stalls, were ironically bigger than Tesla’s Supercharging facilities in Baker, California, and Kettleman City, California.

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