NFL is heaping on Baker Mayfield, even Richard Sherman through fantasy. In what manner will Browns QB react?

NFL is heaping on Baker Mayfield, even Richard Sherman through fantasy. In what manner will Browns QB react?

It has gotten so terrible for Baker Mayfield that the three misfortunes (against two successes), the eight picks (against four touchdowns) and the 16 sacks (with three bobbles) isn’t even the most evident indication of his as of now falling football star.

It’s gotten so terrible for Baker Mayfield that Richard Sherman, surprisingly, can make up some tale about how Mayfield didn’t shake hands pregame and wasn’t showing appropriate football “manners” … and loads of individuals will keep running with it since it affirms their prior assessments of Baker Mayfield.

“What’s astonishing, and irritating, was him not shaking hands toward the start,” Sherman told “That is some school s – . It’s crazy. We’re all attempting to get psyched up, however warmly greeting your adversary – that is NFL manners. Also, when you force amateur stuff, that is discourteous to the game He hasn’t earned anything in this class.”

Mind you, Sherman made up that non-handshake story notwithstanding it happening at midfield of a gigantic arena during a national broadcast game.

They really shook hands.

That is the way terrible it has gotten for Baker Mayfield, who five weeks into his second season in the NFL is far from standing shirtless between a Rolls Royce and a tiger, peddling clothing.

That was the offseason, which included striking statements in magazines, short chances on the Super Bowl and bunches of TV ads.

This is the retribution. Sherman calling him unsportsmanlike. Scratch Bosa professing to plant a banner in the field to troll Mayfield for the time he trolled Bosa and Ohio State in school. The offense resembling a general wreckage, in spite of the variety of weapons that encompass him (Odell Beckham Jr., Jarvis Landry, Nick Chubb).

“Some of it has to do with the absence of insurance,” mentor Freddie Kitchens, the tenderfoot lead trainer who unquestionably hasn’t helped a lot, said Tuesday. “Some of it had to do with a few terrible tosses, two or three awful choices. By and large, we had a few drops. You can’t accomplish those things and play the quarterback position at a tip top level. In the event that you simply need the legitimate answer, you must have consistency around you, you must be predictable yourself and none of that happened [in a 31-3 misfortune to San Francisco].”

Accordingly, it appears the whole association, a lot of fans and multitudinous media are pulling for Mayfield’s comeuppance. Not at all like turning into the NFL’s new heel.

It won’t be simple.

Mayfield should be better. The offense should be better. Kitchens should be better.

However up next is Seattle, an off week and afterward New England. The Browns could begin 2-5 and its basic for Mayfield that regardless of whether that occurs, he some way or another holds his trust in himself and his colleagues trust in him to keep on pushing forward.

The AFC North is as yet winnable, the calendar in the long run gets simpler and, well, it’s too soon for the wheels to totally tumble off. Or then again it ought to be.

The danger of taking on such consideration – meetings, advertisements and magazine spreads – isn’t so a lot of what it can do to the player. Mayfield may in any case be functioning as hard as ever. It’s additionally what it can do to rivals, who put a bull’s-eye on the youthful weapon who rouses additional inspiration, additional hate, extra everything.

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