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Pilot Centre Testing: A look into what it takes 

While it might not be widely known among many, the Glenn Washington Research Center is NASA’s go-to flight test Centre for many test flights. The massive test center sits along interstate 480, located in the state of Ohio. When approaching the test Centre, one is greeted by the enormous NASA logo that sits calmly on a white airplane hangar. The building is the largest in an array of structures and houses. The hangar is and has been NASA’s test Centre for a running period of 80years since the 1960s 

Found in the hanger is a set is state of the art wind tunnels with a staff of 8000 exerts in-flight aerodynamics. The Glenn Washington research center is also an overseer to a satellite flight test Centre in Sandusky, some 50km from base headquarters. The remote Centre called the Plum Brook Station covers a ground area total of 6400 acres and handles NASA s small-time tests and pilots that can be handed over for execution 

However, in case one would like to view the Glenn Washington Centre, they would have to head to the Glenn Visitors center situated at Cleveland’s Great Lakes Science center. On display, they would find exhibits from Photos iconic astronaut John Glens flight named the Apollo Coleman. The Centre has a monthly tour service running from April to October. However to get a chance of seeing the place a visitor has to be a US citizen, 10years and above or a permanent resident of Stage USA

In a book talking about the Centre’s background, written by Robert S. Arrighi’s, and released by NASA in 2016, reveals four original names. This Centre originated as NASA‘s National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics NACA, specifically under the Aircraft Engine Research Laboratory (AERL), which was a NACA subsidiary agency. The Lewis Aircraft Propulsion Research Laboratory was changed to AERL after World War II in memory of George W. Lewis, NACA’s Chief executive during the launch of the AERL Project. The facility was renamed the Lewis Research Center after NACA changed to NASA in 1958. In 1999, while Mike DeWine suggested commemorating his long-time Congress friend, Glenn, the name got changed again

Mike DeWine recommended that his former Senate counterpart Glenn, who became the first Man to circle Earth in orbit in 1962, be celebrated then as the oldest individual who went back to space in 1998 at the age of 77, that time aboard the STS-95 space shuttle flight. Arrighi’s book also says that Lewis designed the renowned blue NASA logo,

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