Sikandar Khan – Photographer from Rajasthan, makes it big in Bollywood.

Sikandar Khan – Photographer from Rajasthan, makes it big in Bollywood.

Often found photographing the glamorous and stunning b-town star is 23 years old celebrity photographer Sikandar Khan, hailing from Tonk situated beside The pink city of Rajasthan. Khan moved to Mumbai 4 years ago to follow his passion for the camera & has never looked back.

SIKANDAR KHAN has earned the appreciation for his photography skills from numerous

Celebrities that he has worked with:-

Bobby Deol, Malaika Arora, Manushichhilar, VidhyutJammwal, Priya Banerjee, Shahwar Ali khan, and many more.

He is adding to his body of work in his role as a DIRECTOR in TVCs of multiple reputed brands.

On a candid conversation, khan shares his fair share of struggles trying to survive & make big in this city of dreams that never sleeps. He adds that he had seen months of tough times when every door of opportunity seemed shut to him, and he was left confused about his path.

Khan gushes as he mentions of the White palace of Gujrat that turned out to be a lucky charm in the trajectory of his career. He describes it magnificent, splendid & every photographer’s Architectural Dream.

He is having shot for Shahwar Ali at the majestic white palace initially & due to the virtue of his brilliant work, SIKANDAR’s projects that followed, with numerous brands & public figures like ISHITA VYAS took palace at the same location. He says that it indeed fuels his enthusiasm to capture its unbound beauty.

Sikandar Khan has stays due to his goal in life; a torch beares the path

Sikandar khan is all about { DREAM. CREATE. RECORDS }

Follow Sikandar khan on Instagram at: me_Sikandarkhan

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