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The Effect of COVID-19 on Clean Energy

For all their force, the sectors of clean energy- wind, solar, energy storage, and firms converting the power grid, will not flee from the COVID-19 downdraft. These businesses face intimidating questions about every feature of their industry, from chains of supply to possible workforce shortages, to great questions concerning the economy, energy demand, and finance availability.

In the forthcoming weeks, we plan to devote most of its journalistic exertion to the effects of COVID-19. We will bring to light our most significant stories here besides other information and news that may be constructive to our consumers. 

How Use of Electricity Changes during an Epidemic

Monday, March 23: The COVID-19 epidemic is leading to abrupt shifts in energy consumption. What might be the long-term consequences to the providers of power if the pandemic stays for an extended period? The Interchange podcast episode this week focuses on that question.

Tesla Factories in New York and California closes down

Friday, March 20: Xiaojing Sun, who is a higher-ranking solar analyst at Wood Mackenzie Power &Renewables, stated that the urge for the public to stay home saw Tesla declaring strategies to close two factories. The factories manufacture electric cars and products for the solar and energy storage markets, as the urge grew gradually more urgent. Will other United States of America solar producers follow suit? Every Tier 1 solar unit industry in the United States of America situated in counties with verified cases of Coronavirus.

Despite everything, the Lighthouse BP concludes a Huge Texas Solar Contract

Thursday, March 19: Several deals, at least get done. The Lighthouse BP, which is the United Kingdom, based solar developer supported by the giant oil company BP, closed up a $250 million monetary package for a 260-megawatt solar scheme in Texas. The rules of social distancing mean the construction workforce not supposed to group for tea breaks or other gatherings. However, Kevin Smith, who is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the Americas, confirmed to the GTM that he anticipates the project would be permitted to go on rolling ahead.

What does COVID-19 and Climate Change share?

Thursday, March 19: American culture has made dramatic changes it bid to respond to the COVID-19 crisis. Why has society not met with related insistency to climate change-? Another human-controlled global calamity that might harm the health of humans and the generations to come well-being.

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