VERGE and REBA merge to explore renewable energy

A collaboration with the GreenBiz Group’s VERGE Conference and expo in the fall of 2020, the Partnership for Renewable Energy Buyers (REBA) has confirmed it will be producing a single event intended to promote the move into clean energy. From 2017, REBA and VERGE have been organizing related activities, which make up part of a weekly series of meetings to support the sustainable economy.  The case VERGE 20 this year will take place on 27-29 October at the San Jose Convention Centre. “We are eager to move our REBA relationship to another step,” said VERGE vice president Shana Rappaport. “Using REBA and VERGE 20 gives clean energy purchasers and potential investor’s unprecedented opportunities to explore and promote cross-sectorial collaboration to tackle obstacles to change. Amid increasing interruptions in the changing climate, this is necessary to build safe, robust energy systems.”

All activities planned include the necessary tools, services and links to switch to renewable in the economy. REBA’s target of facilitating 60 GW of additional clean energy investments by 2025  also is sponsored in this autumn’s convention and display. “We need to build new ways of partnering on the entire economy as well as between the projects of companies like REBA and GreenBiz, to make a move to a renewable energy environment,” stated Miranda Ballentine, CEO, REBA. “Through the convergence of REBA planning with VERGE, the business promise of a potentially healthier, stable zero-carbon generation has been opened.”

The two activities and their society are equally compatible. Over 400 C&I-crossing participants, namely Microsoft, General Motors and Google, are supported by REBA, which represents significant energy purchasers. VERGE is meeting over 4000 leading companies across five major markets: clean energy, electricity supply, the global economy, pollution reduction and reliable food networks, from industry and government, to infrastructure, service suppliers, NGOs and entrepreneurs.

At the convergence of industry, sustainability and creativity, GreenBiz Group is the pioneering media and function organization. They consider global warming as disruptive and valuable prospects and other ecological threats for industry and society. We enable our clients–local and global businesses, governments, public authorities and others–to understand how to implement new technologies, business processes, legislation and social aspirations. We accomplish this via advertising, conferences, analysis and a corporate sustainable development network.

On the other hand, REBA is a partner organization for the advancement of a sustainable zero-carbon power system where every organization’s clean energy route is feasible, appropriate and price-effective. REBA aims to help its involvement by 2025 in catalyzing 60 GW of sustainable energy.

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