Vikings RB Dalvin Cook maintains a strategic distance from serious injury to the shoulder

Vikings RB Dalvin Cook maintains a strategic distance from serious injury to the shoulder

Minnesota Vikings running back Dalvin Cook endured an injury to his right shoulder in the second from last quarter of Monday night’s 37-30 misfortune to the Seattle Seahawks and didn’t return.

Cook was harmed on the primary play of the Vikings’ second drive after halftime. After getting a hand-off at the 8:56 mark, Seattle defensive end Rasheem Green punched the ball free from Cook’s arm, compelling a fumble. Cook was tripped up and fell to the ground, where he stayed for a few minutes and appeared to be in extreme pain while being tended to by athletic trainers on the field.

“He just hit me right on what I had when we played the Broncos,” Cook said. “He hit me right on it when he went to punch for the ball. It was kind of like a different feeling. It was different. But he got me in a good spot.”

Cook endured a hit to similar territory in front of halftime on a play where he notched his first of two fumbles.

“It’s a weird injury that I’ve got,” he said. “It’s kind of like when I land in an awkward spot, it hurts. So I kind of try to land to where it doesn’t hurt. So it was awkward the way I was landing. It’s a physical sport. At the end of the year, there’s some bumps and bruises, but I’ll be all right.

“No matter if I get injured or not, I can’t turn the ball over. I hold myself 1000% responsible for not turning the ball over. I pride myself on not turning the ball over. I can’t put myself in that situation when I turn the ball over. And that’s what they pride themselves on. You can’t give them gimmes. And I gave them a gimme before half. I’ve got to take care of the football and I think we’ll be all right.”

In spite of staying on the sideline after being assessed in the locker room, the running back said he had a feeling that he could have come back to the game if necessary however the group decided to keep him out for “precautionary” reasons.

“It’s a lot that we’ve got ahead of us,” Cook said. “The guys that are behind me, Alex [Mattison] and [Mike] Boone and Ameer [Abdullah], they’re top guys. They could be starting on somebody’s team. We’ve got a lot of trust in those guys. Alex came in and played a good game. Boone stepped in some plays. We just have to know what we have ahead of us. We have four crucial games ahead of us. I’ve got to be ready to go for those games. I was all-in for them holding me out and I’m looking forward to what we’ve got ahead of us.”

Cook noticed that he’ll “definitely” be prepared to play in Week 14 when the Vikings have the Detroit Lions.

Vikings receiver Stefon Diggs was additionally harmed on the play yet had the option to profit to the game for Minnesota’s following drive.

“I got rolled up on my leg,” Diggs said. “Little scared afterward but I’m OK. I’m fine.”

Cook, the Vikings’ leading rusher, had nine carries for 29 yards and a touchdown alongside three receptions for 35 yards.

Minnesota was at that point managing the nonappearance of wide beneficiary Adam Thielen, who was precluded Sunday with a lingering hamstring injury. Left tackle Riley Reiff was precluded late in the second from last quarter with a concussion.

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