We Asked to Angelo Raguso How To Get Noticed as a DJ

We Asked to Angelo Raguso How To Get Noticed as a DJ

Angelo Raguso has been actively working as a producer of techno, tech-house, minimal music, since 2009, has released his music on well-known labels such as Lapsus Music, Elrow, Florida135, Hotfingers, Human Garden, Spinnin ‘Records and many others.

He actively carries out the activity of DJ, producer and director of various record labels all over the world.

Given his great experience, we had the opportunity to exchange two words with him to ask for his impressions on how to get noticed and become famous, as a DJ and Music Producer

Q.Hi Angelo! Few years ago you released on Spinn’n Records, how did you live this experience?

It was a wonderful experience, the release  is organized very well and I am always happy to give my support to operations that allow young artists to have a chance to stand out and show off.

Q.The work of the DJ is made of commitment, study and a lot of apprenticeship. According to your great experience, how does an emerging DJ orientate himself in the world of discos and clubs? In your opinion, what are the factors that can determine the success of a career in this area?

 This work has changed a lot over the years but in reality the world in which we live has changed, today to emerge in this sector you need a lot of passion, commitment but also a marketing vision that was not necessary before, you have to become a “ product ” not just be good, you need to plan carefully and strategically every step even the most insignificant.

Q.In addition to the collaboration with your alter-ego FAW9 , are you working on new projects?

 I am also working as a ghost producer and recently also as a ghost-beatmaker for producers who do not yet have the experience necessary to publish high-thickness musical products.

 I expect to find someone who can interpret the future of djiing, I would like to be surprised and say: “Hell, this guy is from another planet!”.

 We thank Angelo Raguso for the availability and for the advice to the young artists!

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